Drove Website Traffic by Dispelling Marketing Myths

Drove Website Traffic by Dispelling Marketing Myths

The Beedie School of Business’ Career Management Centre (CMC) works to empower business students and alumni – such as those in the Marketing field – with skills and resources to begin their careers.


Our team worked with the CMC to build brand awareness within the student body and increase engagement.

After analyzing site data, we realized that opportunities on their job board containing “Business Development” or “Sales” posted on the Beedie Community job board consistently received less engagement on average compared to opportunities with “Marketing” titles.

Working in a team of five, we conducted market research to identify key issues contributing to this low level of engagement:

  • A lack of awareness of CMC programs such as the Beedie Community job board by third and fourth-year students.
  • A lack of knowledge of potential career paths in the Marketing field.
  • An adverse impression of common entry-level Marketing positions such as Business Development and/or Sales.


To tackle these issues, we designed and launched a short-term digital campaign aimed driving traffic to Beedie Community job postings.

Through a variety of paid (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) and earned media (social networks), we directed our target audience to a mini-site which raised awareness of the job board and dispelled myths around entry-level marketing roles.

Our Campaign Funnel:

We reduced our target audience’s perceived barriers during their job search through education, and gained a better understanding of their decision factors through an A/B split test to which pit company-focused content against role-focused content.

Our A/B test landing pages


Throughout the two-week span, our campaign produced:

  • 152 unique visitors
  • 2.16 average pages per session
  • 46 converted visitors directed to the Beedie Community job board

And received some… enthusiastic feedback:

Enthusiastic feedback from students