Adapted to Hong Kong’s Evolving Business Culture

Adapted to Hong Kong’s Evolving Business Culture

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (CanChamHK) is a non-government body that provides an extensive networking platform for its members. It is one of the largest international Chambers in Hong Kong and one of the most influential business groups in the Asia-Pacific Region.


With increased competition from the likes of coworking spaces and other Chambers in the region, CanChamHK needed to ensure their brand remained attractive to prospective members during the upcoming recruitment drive.

CanCham's Increased Competition


To tackle this issue, I designed and created marketing materials that were contemporary and memorable, while also drawing on the Canadian Chamber’s longstanding history and solid brand reputation in the region.

In doing so, I focused on strengthening the brand by:

  • Fostering a modern, professional brand image which fit with the evolving business culture in Hong Kong
  • Injecting the Chamber’s brand personality in emails and marketing packages
  • Ensuring consistency by creating and maintaining a standard across communication channels

CanCham Work Samples
I used:

  • Modern, bold blocks of colour
  • Clean, easy-to-read typeface
  • Visuals to effectively break up text
  • Colour, size, and capitalization used to unobtrusively denote paragraph styles


During my co-operative education placement, I created a branding guideline that was used in the production of emails, webpages, and marketing assets. By end of the four-month term, materials I created:

  • Were distributed on our website, through emails, and at events such as the Canada150 Celebrations at Ocean Park.
  • Reached over 5,000 viewers
  • Increased email engagement by 3 percentage points
  • Acquired 38 new members and 176 new email subscribers
  • Generated over $30,000HKD in membership dues and event fees

CanCham Brochure